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Sponsors and exhibits

Sponsors and exhibitors

 We offer potential exhibitors and sponsors to contribute to the Swedish Microwave days by signing up for one out of three levels of sponsorship:

  • Gold: 30.000 SEK (includes registration fee and banquet for two participants at the conference)
  • Silver: 20.000 SEK (includes registration fee and banquet for one participants at the conference)
  • Bronze: 10.000 SEK

Each sponsor will have access to a booth with a table at the conference. The Logos of the sponsors will be visible on the printed program. The size of the Logo depends on the kind of sponsorship. You may contact Anders Karlsson (anders.karlsson(AT)eit.lth.se (AT)=@) if you intend to contribute or if you have questions.

The conference takes place in the E-building at Lund university (see map).

In the figure below you can see the three lecture halls EA, EB and E1406. You can also see the space available for the exhibitors (the blue area). This area is approximately 60x5.5 meter. It is in this area where we serve coffee, we have the poster sessions and we meet. We will make sure that all exhibitors will be visible.

map of E-building

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